What I love most about working at Titan Medical is being able to come in day in and day out and take pride in what I do here at Titan as well as being elite at building genuine relationships with my nurses and being their number one guy and someone, they can trust. Growing up, my mother was a nurse, so I completely understand what these nurses deal with on a day-to-day basis as well as how hard they work. Being a nurse is not easy, so it’s very important for them to have that go-to person that they can trust and rely on, and I am committed to be that guy each and every day for my nurses!!!

My dream travel destination would be Rome, Italy, I am part Italian and have always been intrigued by the history of Rome. I am not a big traveler, but I wouldn’t mind getting lost in Rome!!!

If I could choose a theme song for myself, it would be Put on by Jeezy!!! Corny I know but if you know me, you would know how much my city means to me. Born and raised in Omaha, I have a passion and desire to be able to give back fully to the city of Omaha. I even have a sleeve on my left arm with famous people from here as well as the skyline of downtown Omaha, so when I hear the chorus, I just think of my goals in life and to do BIG THINGS for my city and my people!!!!

I am a dog dad to two boxer mixes, Debo and Jagz and a diehard Jacksonville Jaguars and St. Louis Cardinals fan. My goal in life is to be an amazing husband and father for my future family and to be an inspiration and leader to others