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Titan of the Week: Todd Molstad

February 23, 2017

Our Titan Spotlight for this week is one of our Nursing Account Managers, Todd Molstad! His laid back attitude and sense of humor make it easy for him to connect with his travelers. Get to know Todd!

Home city, job title, and favorite past time:
He is from Omaha, NE and he is a Nursing Account Manager. Todd’s favorite past time is “watching baseball at a ball park.”

Favorite Quote:
His favorite quote is from the movie, Stripes – “How’s it going, Eisenhower?”

Dream Travel Destination:
His dream travel destination is to go to Hawaii.

Best Thing about His Job:
The best part about my job is working with great employees.”

Proudest Accomplishment:
“My proudest accomplishment is helping hospitals that are really short staffed find travelers. When I am able to find someone to fill their needs, it’s a great feeling.”

Best Piece of Advice:
“Get out of your own way.”