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Titan of the Week: Jillian Canick

January 25, 2017

Our Titan Spotlight for this week is one of our Allied Credentialing Specialists, Jillian Canick! Her upbeat and positive attitude helps her work well with her travelers and her coworkers. Get to know, Jillian!

Home City, job title, and favorite past time:
She is from Omaha, NE and she is one of our Credentialing Specialists. Her favorite past time is “watching my son play baseball.”

 Favorite Quote:
“My son said my favorite quote, ‘I’m hot, in both ways.’”

Dream Travel Destination:
“I would love to go to Ireland one day. Hopefully soon!”

Best Thing about her Job:
The best part about her job is simple: her coworkers. “No matter how stressful things can get, I can always rely on my team to keep it fun and entertaining.”

Proudest Accomplishment:
“My proudest accomplishment is my son, Jacob.”

Best Piece of Advice:
“The best piece of advice I’ve received is from my dad on my wedding day, ‘Don’t sweat the small stuff.’”