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Titan Spotlight: Chelsey Welton

December 29, 2017

Home city and job title:

Chelsey is from Elyria, Nebraska. She’s one of the newest Nursing Account Managers here at Titan.

Favorite past time:

“Cruising the beaches of Cozumel in a Jeep. Beautiful!!”

Favorite quote:

“Be fearless in the pursuit that sets your soul on fire.”

Dream travel destination:

“Anywhere warm, with beaches, (and adult beverages with umbrellas) when it’s cold in Nebraska.”

Best things about her job at Titan Medical:

“The staff. Everyone is quick to help when anyone is in need. I have the best coworkers ever!”

Proudest Accomplishment:

“Receiving academic honor awards in all my years of schooling. Pretty cool feeling, standing out from others and being able to make my family proud!”

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