We are beginning to see a growing trend among travel healthcare professionals, here are a couple reasons explaining why travelers are viewed as an asset to the hospitals and facilities they are contracted with.


Good for difficult positions to fill

Considering rural areas, it can be hard for hospitals and facilities to find full-time healthcare professionals when population is lower and there are not enough people in need for jobs. When travel nurses can cover a wide variety of specialties, it makes it them favorable for hospitals and facilities to hire them on through a contract basis.

Another reason hospitals and facilities turn to travelers is due to nurse-patient ratios. This could be from both high census as well as easing workload by contracting in travel nurses to help prevent permanent employees from becoming burnt-out in their career. Travelers can often times bring a sense of relief to the workplace and that is appreciated by hospitals, facilities and their permanent employees.

Cost effective for hospitals and facilities

Cost plays in effect as travel nurses are employed through an agency, not the hospital or facility in which they will be contracted with. This makes it more affordable to the hospitals and facilities as they will not be spending extra dollars on benefits such as healthcare, paid time off, training, etc. This is because contracted employees, will receive their benefits from the agency in which they are hired through.

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, predicts a 19% growth in travel registered nurse jobs by 2022. This stat could increase a bit more when factoring in the addition of other traveling positions such as Surgical Techs and LPN’s. Also, it is important to recognize the growing trend in the allied division of healthcare; Radiology, oncology, laboratory and respiratory travel assignments have become more popular among healthcare professionals as well.

Fills temporary gaps

Typically, on contract for 13-weeks, travel healthcare professionals can see flexibility among hospitals and facilities. Travelers can sometimes have their contracts extended or renewed at the request of the facility they are at.  This is extremely convenient for hospitals and facilities seeking support during a high census, covering employees that are out of work for extended periods of time and filling gaps while facilities look for full-time employees.


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