Life as a traveler is a whirlwind experience – you could settle into an assignment, get used to your surroundings, but then your assignment is over and you’re off to a new place. You’re moving from city to city and at each destination, you are making new memories. There are so many benefits of being a traveler and here is our list:

  1. You’re living a life of excitement and spontaneity.
  2. Your schedule will be flexible: Sometimes you have a set schedule and sometimes you don’t. But the more flexible you are with the hospital, the better the opportunities that will come your way.
  3. You’ll be well-compensated: You will have a better financial stability to pay off loans and put money away into savings for a house in the future or a well-deserved trip.
  4. You will receive other perks: Agency paid housing, flights, rental cars, etc. Also you can do a trial relocation to see if you like it before you might take the initial jump to a different location.
  5. You’ll get to explore what you love about your field: Traveling will allow you to try a variety of areas in order to help you decide which one you like best. You don’t have to stick with just one. For example, if you are an RN and you work in the NICU so you decide you just want to be a NICU RN  – you will be able to experience multiple areas.
  6. You’ll have job security and room for advancement: Most positions in the healthcare field will be in demand and you can always grow at the facility.
  7. You won’t have give up the things you enjoy: One of the biggest misconceptions about traveling has always been that you will be secluded while you’re on assignment. It doesn’t mean leaving your life behind – you are making your life better and getting a lot of experience.
  8. You won’t have to deal with the office politics or the drama: Since you are temporary at the facility, you won’t be dragged into office spats. You’re there for 13 weeks, so the “politics” should not faze how you live your best life or effect your workday.
  9. You will get to see different parts of the country that most people don’t get to see: Just think of how great it will feel to go to a place where others have never thought to go. A big city on the coasts or in a quaint town in the south? The opportunities are really endless. AND the best part is you can choose what state, coast, any area that you prefer.
  10. And finally, you’ll get to help those who really need it: You are going to impact someone’s life on a daily basis. You are going to build relationships with your patients, their families, other staff members every day. Remember earlier in this post we said you will grow in the facility? You will also grow as a person, too. It’s definitely not an easy career, but you are a piece of the healthcare puzzle. You are being sent to a place where people need YOUR help and that’s the best part about it.