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Titan Medical is the answer for healthcare facilities around the nation that are looking to hire the best healthcare professionals available. Because of that, we have the experience to answer your questions about the industry and its possibilities.

What is Titan Medical Group?

We’re a healthcare staffing company founded in 2001 that works with hospitals and clinics around the country to help supplement their permanent staff.

What is a traveling medical professional?

Traveling medical professionals are people who fill temporary nursing or allied health positions at hospitals or other healthcare facilities. Many times, these positions are in cities away from a professional’s current hometown. That’s why they’re known as “travelers.”

What type of employment opportunities do you offer?

Though the majority of our business consists of travel assignments, we offer three different types of employment opportunities:

  • Temporary/Contract (“Travel”) Work
  • Permanent Placement
  • Temp-to-Perm

Do you have permanent assignments in addition to travel assignments?

Yes. We work with many clients who are looking for people to fill permanent positions in addition to their needs for short-term contract healthcare professionals.

How can I travel with Titan Medical?

Yes. We work with many clients who are looking for people to fill permanent positions in addition to their needs for short-term contract healthcare professionals.

What happens after I have been placed?

You’ll receive an employment agreement through a program called DocuSign, which allows you to sign documents electronically. You’ll also receive a phone call from your credentialing specialist. They’ll help you through the process to ensure you’re compliant and ready to start your assignment.

What is credentialing?

Credentialing is a process that ensures you’ve met the pre-employment requirements of all parties involved: Titan Medical, the specific healthcare facility and the Joint Commission. This includes a check on things like a physical, immunizations and tuberculosis screening.

How long does the credentialing process take?

The time for credentialing varies depending on the healthcare facility that’s offered you a contract. Some facilities have more requirements than others. It also depends on what documentation you have versus what documentation you need to obtain.

Will my credentialing specialist tell me everything I need to do?

Yes. Their job is to make the credentialing process as easy and seamless as possible.

How long is a typical assignment?

In most cases, Titan Medical offers 13-week assignments. That said, assignment length varies depending on your needs and a facility’s requirements.

Where will I stay while on assignment?

Our travel department will provide you with housing options that are as comfortable and safe as possible.

Do I need a rental car, or do I bring my own?

Typically, you can decide. This is something you’ll want to discuss with your account manager.

If I don't need housing, can I take a housing stipend?

Yes. If you don’t need housing, you can take a housing stipend. This housing stipend is tax-free and allows you the opportunity to find your own housing.

How much is a housing stipend?

Housing stipends are based on the local housing market and government guidelines, so the amount can vary greatly from assignment to assignment.

Can I bring my pet, child or other family member?

Typically, yes. Family members and pets are welcome on your travel contract. That said, our Client Facilities have budgetary guidelines. If you add another bedroom or a facility charges a pet fee, it may affect the overall budget and compensation for the position. It’s also important to note that some housing is preselected and may not allow pets.

If you have any special housing requests or concerns, let us know in the beginning of your application process. We’ll do our best to accommodate your needs.

What if a hospital wants to extend my contract?

If you’re enjoying an assignment and the hospital wants to extend your contract, you’re more than welcome to extend it. If not, there’s no requirement, and we can help you find your next assignment.

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