Having a strong resume and keeping it updated has the potential of landing you that dream assignment. Here is a list of information to include when laying out and organizing your resume.

1. Licenses and Certifications:

  • List license and certifications with descriptions of each and date obtained/date expired. In addition, note if you have a compact nursing license.

2. Professional Information

  • Clearly state your specialties and specific experiences (i.e. Ortho, GYN, trauma, etc.) and the number of years’ experience you have associated with them.

3. Work history, professional experience and facility details:

  • Include a facility’s full official name, your job title at the facility, dates of the position being held, description of job duties including: hospital bed size, unit worked (i.e. Neuro, Ortho, etc.) and number of beds, nurse to patient ratio and computer software that you had used. If it was a travel assignment, note who you were working through.

4. Education:

  • Institution’s full official name, name of degree achieved and dates of attendance.

5. List references:

  • Supervisor name and contact number if the supervisor can be contacted. Additional reference names, job title, contact information and your relationship to the reference.

6. List miscellaneous:

  • Professional affiliations, honors/awards, gaps in employment of one month or longer and explain the gap.