Memorial Day is on Monday, May 30th. With the holiday weekend approaching, here are a list of tips to help travel go a little smoother.

If you’re traveling by car:

  1. Make sure you have your car checked out before a long drive: By doing this you will avoid all troubles and potential expensive repairs. If you do have car troubles on the road, be sure to ask the mechanic looking at your car about your oil change, tire pressure, A/C filter, etc.
  2. Get the best gas deals: If you are a part of a fuel saving program that any local gas station or grocery store has, take advantage of that to get the best price so you’re not spending a lot of money on gas.
  3. Be sure to hit the road in a timely manner: With it being a holiday weekend, there will be heavy traffic on the interstate – definitely more than usual. Stay up to date on the traffic conditions to miss any slow-moving traffic or accidents.
  4. Pack light and pack lots of snacks. 

If you’re traveling on an airplane:

  1. Check in for your flight at least 24 hours in advance: By checking in early, you basically get to choose what boarding group you are in. When I traveled to Atlanta, I checked in the day before my flight and I was one of the first people on the plane.
  2. Get to the airport and know where your gate is. While sleeping in for a morning flight sounds fantastic, getting to the airport early is beneficial for you. Sure, you’ll be tired but it beats having to stand in a long TSA line and you would be able to just hang out at your gate before you start boarding for your flight.
  3. Avoid the lengthy TSA lines and sign-up for pre-check screening: By signing up for pre-screening, you won’t have the hassle and the impatience of standing in the line. Speaking from experience, the wait could go for longer than an hour.
  4. Have your boarding pass on hand and ready to go for boarding your flight: Keep it in your hand or somewhere safe before your flight so you are not frantically looking for it when it’s your turn to board.
  5. Have your luggage tags visible: Suitcases do look-alike – to make sure that you get the right luggage, have unique luggage tags or mark your suitcase. Personally, I like to use ribbon and put it on the handle.

Just another fun tip if you are traveling by plane; for your boarding pass, if you have an iPhone, add it to your Apple Wallet for a super convenient way to board your plane.

Happy Memorial Day and Safe Travels!