As a traveling medical professional, one common factor that comes up in all conversations is money. Our Nursing and Allied Health recruiters will work with you to find a compensation package that works for you.

  1. Housing stipend: This is money used for your housing. As a company, we can find your housing for your assignment. But if you wish to find your own housing, you have the option to take a tax-free housing stipend.
  2. Per diem: Since you are living away from home, the government says that you can receive a portion of your pay tax free to cover food and incidental expenses while you’re away on your assignment. The amount of per diem you will receive varies from assignment to assignment and is dictated by the bill rates we have in place with the hospital. The maximum Titan offer in a meal and incidental per diem is $280 per week.
  3. Travel expenses: Depending on your assignment location, we can assist you with your travel arrangements. This could include: mileage, flights, rental car, and housing. Titan pays $.50 per mile with a maximum of $400 to get to the assignment and $400 to get home from the assignment.
  4. Referral Bonus: We are always looking for great nurses and allied health professionals so Titan offers a $500 referral bonus for non-employees and $750 for those that are currently on assignment for Titan.
  5. License Reimbursement: If you take an assignment for Titan that requires you to get a new state license we will reimburse you for the cost of the license on your first pay check.
  6. Continuing Education Reimbursement: Many health care professionals are required to complete CEUs to keep their licenses, certifications and registries up to date.  Titan will reimburse up to $300 per year towards your CEUs.
  7. Loyalty Program: For every 2080 hours (approx. 1 year)  worked with Titan Medical you receive 40 hours of pay.  This is our way of saying Thank You.

Titan works closely with each individual to come up with an offer that meets your needs and falls within the budget set by the hospital.  It is important to remember that compensation packages will vary based on location, specialty, season and how quickly the position needs to be filled.

We also offer insurance and benefit plans, including 401k, for our travelers. This is not considered part of your compensation but an added benefit that we provide to our travelers.

Here at Titan we understand that every Traveler and contract is unique and we are continuously striving to provide competitive compensation packages, benefits and customer service to ensure each of our travelers has a successful assignment.