Before you pack that bag and sign that dotted line, it’s important to ask your recruiter and interviewer lots of questions. Whether you’ve been in the business for 20 years or this is your first assignment, asking crucial questions during the interview & offer process can make or break a travel assignment. You may have an idea in your head about how great your placement in Alaska is going to be, but if you neglect to ask the right questions, you may find that your ideal trip falls short.

Here are 8 Key Questions to ask during your job search:

  1. What resources are available if I encounter issues on the job?

It’s important when working on a travel assignment to be open with your account manager and recruiter about every step of the placement. Generally, with Titan, most placements are 13 weeks long. It’s important to let your contact know if you encounter any problems during that time. We’re here to help you, but we can’t help if we don’t know there’s a problem.

If you encounter issues while on the job, call your staffing agency contact immediately or get the issue in writing, so that details aren’t left out or forgotten when you find time to call. If you run into issues on the weekend, and there’s no one in the office, most agencies have an emergency line, in which a live account manager will be available to answer your question or help out in any way they can.

Find out from the hospital or other institution you will be working at, as well as your staffing agency, what resources they offer to combat situations such as these. Having knowledge of resources can literally save your job.

  1. What is my pay, and what other perks are offered with this placement?

Okay, obviously this is going to happen. Everyone is going to ask what they’re going to get paid. But, certain agencies are able to offer different types of housing or benefits, for example, so it’s important to know what you are able to utilize during your placement.

Another tip: Make sure you’re thoroughly reading your contract and any other paperwork you’re given; that’s where they’re going to list what you’re entitled to. Have questions? ASK!

  1. What can I find at this new destination? Are there tourist attractions?

Travelers in this profession are obviously very busy with work. You work long hours, and quite possibly very odd hours. However, a big determining factor in a placement decision is often the tourist attractions and other fun things to do (you want to have fun and relax in your free time!). Check out Yelp, tripadvisor and other helpful sites that will help you find tourist attractions and small-town secret destinations.

  1. Have travelers worked at this facility before?

Most staffing agencies have strong, well-established relationships with facilities. However, there may be a new one that comes along that hasn’t necessarily had a traveler pass through before. It’s important to ask if there will be other travelers there with you, or if they’ve had any at all so that you can get a taste of the facility’s culture.

  1. What about housing?

It’s important to ask your staffing agency about the housing packages that are available to you. Unless you’re traveling within an hour or so of your home, you’ll probably need some place to stay. Find out what’s available, and how to obtain it. Make sure this is included in your contract as well.

  1. What does (insert your staffing agency here) have to offer as opposed to another agency I could work with?

Each agency has their own quirks. Find out what your agency has to offer for a specific assignment, and make sure you’re getting a good deal. If you feel comfortable with that agency, make sure to check back with them about other assignments. If they treat you well once, they’ll treat you good again. Loyalty is key!

  1. Okay, but what about my feelings?

Communicate your needs and desires to your recruiter and account manager from the get-go. The recruiting and placement process is much easier if you’re honest from the very beginning. Agencies want to place you somewhere you actually want to go. We’re not here to push you in a certain direction, you just have to let us know which direction you’d like to go!

  1. How long has your recruiter or account manager been with the company?

If your recruiter and account managers are excited about your staffing agency, you will be too! You’ll feel more comfortable and reassured if your contacts know what they’re talking about. Ask this question and listen to the person talk about who they work for. Make sure they’re knowledgeable, knowledge comes with time.