Our Titan Spotlight for this week is one our Senior Account Managers, Lance Neher! He has been at Titan for 8 years and he is in our Allied Healthcare division. His outgoing personality and charisma makes it easy for him to connect with people. Get to know Lance!

Home City, job title, and favorite past time:
He is from Hiawatha, KS and he is one our Senior Account Managers in Allied. His favorite past times include playing volleyball, singing, and playing the piano.

Favorite quote:
“If you don’t like the music, change the station.”

Dream Travel Destination:
“I want to go to Istanbul, Turkey. It just has a lot of different cultural influences that I think would be really interesting.”

Best Thing about His Job:
“The best thing about my job is the people that I work with. It’s a lot of different personalities and they all click.”

Proudest Accomplishment:
My proudest accomplishment is getting my degree from K State.”

Best Piece of Advice:
If you spend today worrying about tomorrow, you’ll never be happy.”