Storm season is here and as a traveler, you might encounter severe storms when traveling between assignments. Here are some tips to staying safe and how to recognize signs of when weather might take a turn for the worse.

 1) Set up an Emergency Bag

Fill your emergency bag up with a flashlight, extra batteries, first aid kit and even some nonperishable food items. If you can get your hands on a portable generator, that would be a great addition to your emergency bag.

2) Sign up for weather alerts

Download a weather app and allow it to access your location when you are not using the app. This will allow your phone to automatically update and send you weather warning notifications if a storm is near.

3) During a storm

Avoid standing or leaning on concrete as electricity can easily be conducted through it. You’ll also want to stay away from trees, electrical wires, fences, and anything that electricity can easily pass through. If driving, pull to the side of the road and wait for the storm to pass.

4) Safety while driving

When headed to a new location and storms approach, do research on nearest storm shelters on your route. If no shelters are near while driving, pull over to park your car, keep your seatbelt on and engine running and cover your head with your hands and any extra clothing or blankets you have.


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