Interested in traveling? With any new job or work environment, questions come up about how everything works and what to expect. One thing is for sure: our recruiters are constantly getting asked questions. Here are some of the top questions that our recruiters are asked:

1. What is the pay?
Though pay is extremely important, there is much more to selecting a travel assignment than just the pay. We work hard to find the right assignment that not only fits your needs and wants but that also matches your skills and experience. In order to make an informed decision you need to know some information about the hospital, the unit, ratios, charting, the patient population. “I tell them my Account Manager works directly with the hospital and would be happy to go over the details of the job and full pay package with you on the phone.” – Tammy C.

What is the average pay?
“Each position pays different so it’s literally impossible to give an average. The hospital gives us a bill rate for each position- and from that bill rate we build a pay package that consists of an hourly rate, a weekly per diem for meals and a weekly housing stipend or housing, or Titan provided housing. The rates fluctuate based on various situations, for example if it is an urgent need they may be offering higher rates, or a lot of the less desirable locations have higher rates to try and entice nurses to go there. We might have two jobs in the same city at different hospitals with completely different pay packages. The per diem and housing amounts fluctuate depending on cost of living in the area.” – Sara T.

Do you provide housing?
“Yes, we do have a travel department that can set up fully furnished housing for you. Sometimes travelers do not want to have to deal with the stress of finding their own housing, setting it up, furnishing it, paying deposits, utilities, etc. if they prefer for us to do it for them then we will take care of it.” – Sara T.

How does the recruitment process work?
“A potential traveler reaches out to us. Frist, we get to know them and what they are looking for in their next travel assignment. Then, we work with them on building what we call their profile. We understand the how busy they are and the varying schedules they work so we give them the choice to complete their profile on line or over the phone with their recruiter. What we need: a signed application, updated resume, skills checklist and 2 references within the last 2 years (one from your most recent place of employment). Once we have all of these things completed you can start selecting which jobs you would like to presented to for interview. – Brandon R.

What is the credentialing process?
“The credentialing process is the gathering of the necessary compliance documents needed for your assignment. Which includes a drug screen, background check, immunizations, certifications, licenses and competency testing, just to name a few. We have an amazing credentialing staff dedicated to helping your through this process. Completing this process timely can make or break whether you start the assignment and start on time. This is a partnership and we will work together to make sure you start each new assignment on the right foot by completing the credentialing process flawlessly.” – Kaleigh M

Can you make my hourly pay lower and my Tax Free per diems higher?
“To put it simply, it creates red flags. First of all, we offer great pay packages, but the reality is that we all have to pay taxes and when tax season hits we don’t want to be the reason you’re getting audited. We very strictly follow the guidelines set by the government in regards to tax free money and how it was intended to be used, it’s in your best interest and in ours. It’s also important to remember that the tax-free dollars you receive are not used when calculating your income for loans, social security or unemployment benefits. – Jenny L

What sets Titan apart from the rest?
We work with the best to be the best, this includes our recruiters, hospitals and candidates. We want to build long lasting relationships, that’s what is important to us. We want to make sure that both sides are satisfied with their choice.
Our recruiters work very closely with potential travelers in the beginning of the placement process. They are here to help every step of the way – whether it is regarding a potential job opportunity or if you have a few questions about what to expect when deciding to travel or how to find the right agency for them, they are always here to help.