Every year Titan Medical participates in the 94.1 Diaper Drive for the Lydia House Open Door Mission. This drive provides children and mothers who may be struggling with some extra support through providing diapers!

This year, our Titan employees went all out to support this amazing drive & collecting the entire month of November & up until the day of the drive, December 9th & 10th. In total, our team collected & donated 112,455 diapers, how amazing is that? Channel 94.1 announced us as the top donator for this year’s drive!

Supporting our local community is something we always take great pride in here at Titan Medical. This diaper drive is one of our favorite times of the year and we hope to beat this year’s record diapers by even more this upcoming year!

Find out more about this amazing diaper drive here: https://www.opendoormission.org/events/diaper-drive/