Deciding to travel as a healthcare worker is an exciting step in one’s career. When on assignment, be sure to make time for leisure activities. It is easy to slip into the habit of staying at home when you have a day off to get that needed rest. To avoid that habit, here are some things you can do in your free time that may help you get to know your new city! 

 Be a tourist 

One activity you should do while on assignment is to see the iconic sights! Do not be afraid to explore museums, zoos, and anything to do with your new city’s history. This will help you get to know the city you are visiting and make it feel more like home. 

Explore different coffee shops

Becoming a healthcare worker involves long tiring days which calls for a pick me up. Moving to a new city involves unfamiliar places to explore. Take some time to visit different coffee shops in your area and find the best latte in town! One way to find coffee shops surrounding you is using Yelp. Yelp allows you to explore various places in your city and see what others are saying about those places.  

 Journal about your new city

Keeping a travel journal is a fantastic opportunity for healthcare travelers to keep track of all the memories they are making on assignment. It can be hard to commit to a journal but if you set aside a certain time for journaling it should fit into your schedule! Good times would be right when you wake up or right before you go to bed. Journaling can also improve your mental health by allowing you somewhere to write down what you may be currently feeling. 

 Pack a picnic

It is always important to spend time in nature. A wonderful way to do so is to pack a picnic basket and have a picnic in a park. There are so many amazing parks around the country and visiting one would be a great opportunity to explore your new city. However, if you would rather not travel too far you could set up a picnic in your backyard or in a green space nearby.  

 Go thrifting

One of the best things about traveling to a new place is shopping. Shopping for new clothes is always fun but thrifting can be a fun new experience! Thrifting in a new city allows for different items you may not have found in your hometown. Thrifting also is not limited to clothing, usually thrift stores will have things like antiques, furniture, books and more!