Going on your next assignment as a travel healthcare worker is an exciting transition in one’s life! However, traveling can be stressful especially if you are going somewhere new. Here is a list of travel items that will help your travel experience go a lot more smoothly. 

Electronic Organizer  

During a flight, do you ever find yourself rummaging through the bottom of your bag for your phone or headphones? If so, look no further! This electronic organizer can hold your chargers, headphones, and even your phone itself! This organizer is also waterproof, which is great if you are taking your electronics to a pool or a beach. Link

Travel Cubes 

Knowing what to pack and how much to pack is a struggle for many people. Whether you want to be an organized traveler or want more room in your suitcase, purchasing travel cubes might answer all your problems. This specific bundle comes with assorted sizes of travel cubes, an underwear bag, a toiletry bag, and a shoe bag. Link

Luggage Strap 

Walking through the airport with multiple bags can be a challenge especially if they are heavy. This heavy-duty luggage strap will attach to your suitcase and hold another bag you may be carrying. It is also compatible with other bags like purses and backpacks. Link


Traveling is fun but it can be a time where you might misplace your valuable items. AirTags are lifesavers for those who tend to misplace their things! For iPhone users, AirTags will connect to your phone and will be able to track wherever the AirTag is placed. You can put an AirTag in your wallet, suitcase, and other things you worry about losing track of!  Link

 Travel Contact Case

If you wear contacts, this all-in-one contact case is essential when it comes to traveling. This case comes with a case to hold your contacts, a mini bottle to hold your solution, tweezers, a contact applicator, and a mirror. Link