Phone Holder 

If you are looking for a way to eliminate the distractions coming from your phone, this is the perfect product for you! This phone holder is designed to stick underneath your desk, so it is out of sight. Sticking your phone in your bag might have the same effect but this product puts your phone out of sight and allows easy access in times when you need to check it. Link 


Memory Foam Footrest

Working long hours sitting at a desk can be taxing, especially for one’s body. This memory foam footrest is recommended by chiropractors and fits perfectly under a desk. This product will help with back pain and better posture during a long workday. Link


Desktop White Board 

Do you ever struggle with reminding yourself to do certain tasks throughout the day? If so, this desktop whiteboard might be the perfect thing for you. This whiteboard is designed to fit perfectly between your keyboard and your monitor and is angled so you can easily read and write. This product can also be an environmentally friendly alternative to sticky notes. Link


Keyboard Cleaner 

 Keyboards become dirty very quickly due to dust, food and other items getting stuck between the keys. This tool is perfect for cleaning the small crevices of your keyboard without the fear of putting liquid cleaner on it. This product is also shaped like a pen and can be easily kept in a pen holder. Link


Desk Vacuum  

 Keeping your desk clean is important when it comes to improving your workspace. However, cleaning the tight spaces behind your computer can be difficult. This desk vacuum will help get into those tight spaces and make your desk look shiny and new again! This miniature vacuum is designed to clean up dust, crumbs, and any other debris that may be sitting on your desk. This product is perfect for the next time your desk needs a little refresh! Link