Are you headed to a new assignment soon where severe weather is common? Here are some tips to consider as storm season rolls in and you’re preparing for an assignment in a new location with unfamiliar weather: 

  • Keep a “Weather Bag” in your vehicle and fill it with a few items such as extra clothing, non-perishable foods, water bottles, power cords and medicine. Having these items in your car allows you to travel in comfort with necessities on-hand. 
  • Avoid driving in flowing water on the roadways. Often it can be difficult to know exactly how much water is in on the road when it’s raining, but if you notice it beginning to rush down the road, don’t continue any further. It only takes 6-inches of flooding to lose control and take your vehicle off track.  
  • Watch closely for unusual clouds moving into your area. Often times, clouds can be the first telling sign of bad weather. Dark and/or green-tinted cloud coverage can be an indication of severe thunderstorms, hail or possible tornadoes. 
  • Stay away from water and wires. Electricity can flow through these elements even if lightning strikes are a good distance away. It’s also encouraged that you stay off electronics that are hooked into an outlet and stay away from water sources. 

For weather updates during your travels, be sure to follow the National Weather Service and their website at  


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