As a traveler, you likely find yourself moving to new locations quite frequently. Finding new hobbies and go-to errand stops can be difficult to pin down, but with these tips and tricks you’ll be fitting in with the locals in no time!

Visit Restaurants

Want to really get to know the culture and vibe of the city you are staying in? Check out the local “hole-in-the-wall” restaurants. Those spots alone can say a lot about what the natives are passionate about. Sometimes restaurants hold cooking classes or trivia nights and those would serve as great opportunities to meet new people.

Local leagues

No better way than to take some of your hobbies and turn them into an opportunity to meet new friends. Whether you’re into softball, volleyball or gaming, there are always seasonal leagues you can consider joining to get involved and meet new people with your same interests.

Social Media

Often times when following social media pages, they will share suggested local events and happenings in the area. This could be anything from a food truck event, to a craft fair, but regardless the specifics, these local get-togethers serve as a great way to meet new friends and immerse yourself into your new temporary home.


Typically, animal shelters, festivals, food pantries, etc. are looking for volunteers to assist in daily tasks that require extra sets of helping hands. Volunteering is not only a solid resume builder, but it also is a way to get involved in the community and make new friends. So, during your next adventure consider volunteering, you’ll gain a confidence boost as well as meet new friends while helping!

Daily Necessities

Before leaving for each new adventure, take time to locate grocery stores, banks and pharmacies that will be nearby to where you’re staying. It is also important to consider using a pharmacy that has multiple locations and can usually be found anywhere you go. This will help the convenience of prescription pick-up so you don’t need to change the location each new place you go.


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