Since COVID-19 began spreading across the world, most non-essential companies have started making the transition to have their employees work remotely. If you are finding yourself working from home, here are some tips to staying on track with your daily routines and keeping motivated in your everyday work.


Making a checklist of both work and personal tasks to complete will allow you to set goals for a certain time period. Being able to check items off as you complete them will have you feeling accomplished as you finish the tasks!


Sticking to your daily routines will keep you feeling rejuvenated throughout the day completing items on your to-do list as you would have before/during/after working at the office. In addition to keeping within your routine, there are applications you can download on your cell phone to let you know what time of day you are most productive and that’ll help identify best ways to plan out your days.


It is important to create a stationary desk space at home to help kick-start yourself into being productive. Having a comfortable space where you can log into work will allow you to be in the working mindset to get daily tasks accomplished in a timely matter at home.


Be sure to check-in with your coworkers regularly as you would in the office. It is a great idea to keep in contact with them to feel connected and included, especially for those in companies that are typically not a remote work culture. Keeping in contact will prevent disconnect in employee engagement and keep up with work relationships.


When working remotely, over communicating is extremely important. Since you won’t have in-person meetings as frequently, you will want to be sure to spell out every bit of information pertaining to a topic to ensure everyone is on the same page of understanding.


Take advantage of the extra time you have with not having to commute into work by learning something new! Whether it’s learning how to use a Microsoft or Adobe platform, learning a new language or finding a new recipe to make, exploring how to do something new will keep you engaged and give you something new to look forward to everyday.


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