Traveling to a new assignment means the possibility of new opportunities is endless! Whether you’ve spent time at this location before, or it’s completely new, you’re sure to find some new adventures—and new photo opportunities. Of course, you want to remember all the unique and interesting things you found in your new city. So, you pull out your phone and snap photos of it all.

Thirteen weeks later, here you are at the end of your assignment with HUNDREDS of photos. What do you do with them all? How do you organize your memories so that you can tell your family and friends of your adventure?

We compiled a list of a few of the best FREE photo organization apps out there. Now, you can focus on telling your story—not on where your pictures are hiding!

Google Photos

Available on both iOS and Android, this photo manager is an easy way to keep track of all of your memories. There is unlimited cloud storage space, so you can store as many photos from as you want. It also has a cross-device syncing feature. This allows you to have your photos on your computer as well as your phone with just the touch of a button.

The app automatically backs up your photos, so they’re always safe. Best of all, you can create albums and collages to keep all your photos organized.

Facebook Moments

This app is meant for sharing. Facebook Moments is all about being able to share your memories and events quickly with friends and family. You can also receive photos from other people. The app automatically groups your photos together based on the date they were taken. Meanwhile, it uses facial recognition to determine which of your friends are in the photos with you.

Once you share your photos with your friends and family, they have the option to sync their photos with your pre-existing album, quickly creating a shared album. With unlimited storage, this app is a great way to keep memories organized and receive pictures from friends, you may not otherwise see.


Slidebox makes it very easy to sort through photos from an event. Everyone knows what it’s like to take hundreds of photos at an event, but the next day when you’re sorting through them only a few turned out really great—and you want to go through a delete the rest. What a process!

The app allows you to sort through your photo reel with a really quick swipe. When you enter the app all of your unsorted photos pop up. If you swipe left, if moves you through your queue, if you swipe right it sends the photo to the trash can. All of your albums are neatly listed at the bottom of the screen, where you can drag your photos to. There are tools for comparing similar photos, so you can decide which photo is better among hundreds! Slidebox also has a sharing feature, making it easy to share your photos with your friends via email or text message.


The name of the app says it all, this app is used to keep your photos nice and “tidy.” It quickly sorts your cell phone photos into albums. You can group your photos by time or location, quickly sorting them into convenient location or event albums. For example, all of your photos from around 7 P.M. last night will go into your newly named “Family Dinner” album.

If you leave certain photos unsorted, they’ll be put in an “Untidy” album. From there, you can choose to archive them or send them to an album. This app makes organizing your travel memories a breeze!


Any of these apps will make organizing your travel photos much easier! Find out which works best for you, and never struggle to find a snapshot again.