Picture this: You’ve just accepted a travel position; you’re going through all your paperwork, making sure everything is in order. Isn’t that a great feeling? You’re well on your way to your next adventure! Then, your recruiter and the account manager bring up housing. Do you want to let your agency find you housing, or would you prefer to search for temporary housing on your own? If you’ve never traveled before, this is probably a daunting question. Well… what’s the difference?

When your staffing agency secures your housing, you have the peace of mind of knowing that this piece is being taken care of on your behalf; your housing is arranged and paid for by the company. However, some travelers choose to find their own housing, they’d rather have the choice of where to stay. So, we’d like to help make that decision a bit easier by providing some of the websites that we use to find housing for travelers.

Some common places to find housing:

  • Local Chamber of Commerce
  • Craigslist
  • The local newspaper listings/local realtor

Useful Housing Websites:

Please be cautious when searching newspaper ads and Craigslist for housing options; ensure safety of the situation before signing on. Also, please keep in mind costs that may be involved when setting up housing. Sometimes, application fees, security deposits and pet fees are charged up front.

As always, any housing questions can be directed towards our travel department. Best wishes in your next travel adventure!