One of the most daunting steps of becoming a traveler, and picking a contract, is deciding what agency to work with. Titan Medical Group has some of the best and most loyal travelers; today, we want to share their testimony with you. All of our travelers were asked to explain why they love being a part of Team Titan.

Hopefully, their first-hand testimony can make your travel decisions a bit easier.

“Titan is my preferred travel company due to the staff making everything effortless. I have not had one negative experience. I have been traveling off and on since 2008 and have sampled other organizations, but Titan is my mainstay due to ease of life.” -Rich W (Elko, NV)

“This is my first travel assignment; I am enjoying it so far. I travel for Titan to see new places and take new adventures. Titan has helped me on my adventures to see the world.” -Candee R (Minot, ND)

“I have been travelling for 11 years and have done roughly 20 travel assignments. I’ve been with multiple travel companies and Titan has been stellar by far. I knew this was a great outfit when my recruiter asked me how much money I wanted to make. I have never been asked this questions before so that went to show me what type of people I’d be working with. One of the best pay packages I’ve ever had and Titan addresses any issues I have, immediately-and that’s awesome. By far one of the best travel companies I’ve ever worked for.” -Darrell S (Rutland, VT)

“When I decided to go traveling after 20 years of experience in Radiology, I decided on Titan because of the friendly and helpful staff who helped me transition to my first assignment in Cut Bank, MT. The work is exactly as described in the phone interview, and the staff have been helpful and friendly. And, bonus, I’m exploring the region which includes Glacier and nearby Black Leaf Canyon. I highly recommend trying out Titan for your next assignment!” -Traci S (Cut Bank, MT)

“Titan has been honest and great to work with.” -Lonnie F (Grand Forks, ND)

“I had been with an agency at the same facility for five contracts. When I got ready to renew they could only get me six weeks, with a huge pay cut. AJ at Titan was able to get me the same six weeks at my current rate, plus Titan’s benefits were far above those of the agency I had been with for over a year.” -Laura L (Belleville, IL)

“Things I like about Titan: I can always talk to my recruiter, rarely have to leave a message. The application process was very easy thanks to the credentialing monitor Titan has.” -Dane H (Ann Arbor, MI)

“I have found that Titan is very easy and cooperative to work with. They found the right destination for me and had me submitted within one day. The hospital called with the interview and I found out that I was able to start on the date that I needed. Titan is very proficient at what they do, which makes getting back to work so much easier. Thanks Titan for all that you do.” -Mark C (Fort Wayne, IN)

“I chose Titan because of the professionalism of the staff. I also was made to feel like part of the team right away.” – Patrick C (Omak, WA)

“I travel with Titan because of the personal experience. I know I’m not just another contract and that means so much. They genuinely care and will do what’s best for their travelers.” – Sharon R (Minot, ND)

“I use Titan because I have more than one recruiter looking out for jobs for me! You earn action time. And I have an awesome contact, Todd Molstad, he finds me jobs I want and he is on top of things. I enjoy working with Titan and would recommend them to anyone!” Joy M (Brunswick, GA)

“From large to small, Titan covers them all. I have worked at a VA hospital that was 865 beds and then went to Barrow, AK with only 10 beds.” -Dannie S (Ganado, AZ)

“I’ve been working on and off for Titan for a few years now. I’ve been placed in a variety of settings all of which suited my clinical expertise and comfort level. Thanks to the recruiters at Titan, I’ve never been disappointed with an assignment. They are efficient in placing me in a variety of settings and there’s never a time when I worried they wouldn’t come through. They have made travel nursing a wonderful experience! I can always rely on Titan, every step of the way!” -Whitney W (Dayton, OH)

“We travel for Titan because of great account managers and cool assignments.” -Tim S (Leavenworth, KS)

“Started to travel once my kids all left home. I landed at Titan because they were the first to find me work. Everyone was great about keeping me informed and making the transition painless.” -Rabekah R (Maryville, MO)