As we prepare to ring in the New Year, many people will take these last few weeks of 2017 to reflect on the previous year. We’ll be grateful for the experiences we had, take another look at the mistakes that were made and spend time with family and friends reminiscing on the past.

Some will take these last few weeks to decide what to improve on in the next year. We’ll make New Year’s resolutions about losing weight, traveling more or learning a new skill set; and then look forward to the clean slate that 2018 has to offer.

As a traveling medical professional, you have a unique chance to learn and grow throughout the year. We came up with a few New Year’s resolutions to have this year to make the best of your traveling career:

1.    Be open to new adventures. Have you been stuck in one area of the country for too long? Maybe you are just so comfortable with the Midwest, that you haven’t thought much about getting to Hawaii or California?

This year, make it a goal to get to a new state. Do some research to find out where the best hiking trails are, or what city has the best outlet mall. Find a place to pursue your hobby, or just spend 13 weeks on the beach.

Find out what the licensing requirements are there, and go!

2.    Learn a new skill. We’ve talked about the growing need for traveling medical professionals in the past, you are all in high demand! Especially in the nursing profession, being versatile and having an array of skills is very helpful.

Maybe you’ve thought about gaining experience in Labor & Delivery, but you’ve only ever worked as an ICU nurse. It’s all about experience. Take 2018 to learn about L&D and its certifications. Find out how you can gain experience, and go for it!

3.    Meet new people. There is a giant network of traveling healthcare professionals out there waiting for you! Connect with new travelers in your area while you’re on assignment; tap into their knowledge about the area and their knowledge about traveling. You’d be surprised what you may learn! What better person to talk to, and ask for advice, than someone in your same profession?

Congratulations on a successful 2017, and best wishes in 2018!