Today, we have the world at our fingertips. Any question can be answered with a simple Google search on your smartphone or computer. Taking it a step further, we don’t even have to search Google ourselves anymore, we can simply say “Hey, Siri.”

Our ability to learn and grow is limitless.

A large part of today’s world relies heavily on the accessibility of the internet and different apps to the general public. The travel nursing world is no different. There are dozens of sites out there offering travel professionals advice through blogs and reviews of agencies or hospitals. Many travel nurses go straight to the internet to read reviews on agencies before signing their contract; there is also an endless knowledge base offering advice from packing for your first assignment to finding your next travel assignment.

Here are five of the most helpful review and advice websites we found:

1. Travel Nursing Central– Travel Nursing Central is a “one stop shop” of sorts, it offers a plethora of advice ranging from Hospital and Agency Rankings to Housing and Tax advice.

One of their most popular pages is the Travel Agency Ranking Results page, which lists over 300 travel agencies and different reviews that previous travelers have left. If you’ve traveled with any agency or worked at any hospital, this is a great place to leave your feedback.

There is also a Checklists page which offers insight into different Hospital Interview questions and a list of documents needed to travel nursing. These items can come in handy during the placement process, and provide peace of mind in a chaotic time.

2. Travel Nursing Exchange– This site allows you to search for any hospital and read reviews left on the facility, as well as get general information. Each hospital has specific data listed; for example, number of beds and what type of licensure is required for that state.

There is also a job board of available positions, a blog with testimony from former travelers and a pay calculator to help you budget your money while on assignment.

3. Travel Nurse Source– Travel Nurse Source has agency profiles available for a vast variety of agencies throughout the country. This is a good tool to utilize if you’re looking for general information about different agencies, as well as the benefits they have to offer.

This is another great place to review agencies you’ve traveled with as well as recruiters that you’ve worked with.

4. Highway Hypodermics– Highway Hypodermics is widely known for the advice that they have to offer on their site. The site is run by a tenured traveling nurse, who offers testimony as well as answered FAQs from other travelers.

Of course, there is room to review agencies and hospitals here, as well. They put together a list of “Top Ten Travel Agencies” each year to aide the traveler in finding the best fit for them, for each assignment.

5. The Gypsy Nurse– The Gypsy Nurse is one of the most well-known sites to other travel nurses. While they offer a wealth of knowledge regarding the travel nursing experience, they also have very extensive agency profiles. This is a great tool for travelers, as they are able to find each agency’s job board, contact information, reviews, and recruiters all in the same spot.

There are so many sites out there, available to you, to find the best fit for your next travel assignment. Do your research, and read up on another traveler’s testimony.

Once you’ve traveled with a company, don’t forget to review their experience! Your knowledge and personal experience will be most helpful to other travelers.