If are you prepping for your first assignment as a traveling nurse, here are some tips to consider when planning for your adventure.


Network. Whether it’s a friend, recruiter or a colleague, keep in contact with those people guiding you through your field of work. They can serve as a mentor and help you along your journey as a traveling nurse.


Pack smart. While it will be easy to over pack, remember an average assignment is only 13 weeks. You won’t be needing every outfit or electronic in your home. Find out what your housing placement has to offer and take advantage of the amenities offered. After all, you will want to be out and about enjoying the city and its popular attractions and restaurants.


Organization. Keep your medical records, resume, license(s) and identification documents updated in a folder. Having done this will not only speed up your traveling process and landing an assignment, but it will also help relieve stress from your search.


Research. Be sure to have a few ideas on where you would like to travel and what that location has to offer, it will help your recruiter find a best fit position in a location you desire to be in. Take advantage of other nurses who have been traveling and where they suggest your next assignment should be.