You just found out that you can take your pet with you on your next assignment. Moving to a new home is exciting but it’s also very stressful for your pets too.  There are a few ways to keep them happy on the road and in a new home.

In the car:

  1. Keep your pet secure in the car: They shouldn’t roam around the vehicle just because it is a safety hazard for them, other passengers, and you. Did you know that there are dog seat belts? Neither did we! There’s an option or look into a car friendly kennel.
  2. Pets in the backseat, humans in the front seat: Keep this in mind; if you are in an accident and the air bag deploys, this will injure your pet.
  3. Don’t let them stick their head out the window: Yes, dogs love car rides and getting that fresh air. But, they could be injured by debris floating around on the interstate and cold air forcing its way into their lungs can make them sick.
  4. Give your pets plenty of rest stops: This is pretty self-explanatory. Most rest stops have now included “pet areas.”
  5. Don’t leave your pet alone in the car: Heat is the most common hazard but this also leave a window of opportunity for thieves to break into your car.

Adjusting to a new setting:

  1. Be consistent with your pet: Walks, playtime, feeding time, cuddling, and even bedtime can help the adjustment of a move with your pet.
  2. Stick with the favorites: Don’t introduce new toys or food with your pet. Stick to the ones that they love.
  3. Keep them safe: You might not think that moving boxes and tubs could scare your pet, but they do. Set aside a safe place where they can’t get lost in the boxes or get hurt. Also be aware of any aggressive animals in your neighborhood or any risks in your new home/yard.
  4. Take your time and be patient: Allow your pets to sniff and explore their new surroundings. It definitely takes them more time to settle into a new place than you do.
  5. Give them lots of love: Be sure to help your pet adjust to their new setting with lots of playtime and love.

If you follow these simple steps, you and your pet will adjust in no time.