Making the choice to jump into travel healthcare is an exciting life decision! Building and maintaining strong relationships with your agency from the start will result in a successful healthcare traveling career.



Trust starts with the agency then carries over to your contracted facilities, co-workers and patients. Your recruiter and account manager want to make sure every step of the way will go as smooth as possible. To keep trust held to the highest standard with your agency and facilities, be open and honest at all times to make for successful traveling!




Building relationships and open communication between your recruiter and account manager is extremely important. Not only will it allow for more one-on-one conversations and attention, but your agency will then be able to better scout out jobs that will be a perfect fit for you.




Going into traveling healthcare, you might be interested to jump around to try a new area of focus, but it is suggested that you work closely with your recruiter and account manager and research ahead of time to go over which jobs are in high demand to land something quick. Depending on what you go into travel healthcare looking for, the need of the specific position might be limited, but with trust and open communication you will be first priority to your account manager and recruiter.





Building your dream traveling portfolio can take time. One way to get to where you’d like to be is to be flexible in the location of your assignments, shift times and type of assignment! Flexibility from the start will open up greater opportunities down the road to get you exactly what you’re looking for.



If you or someone you know is on the hunt for their next travel healthcare assignment, Titan Medical is here to help. Give us a call at 866-332-9600 to talk to a recruiter today to learn more about traveling with Titan Medical Group.